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Meaningful Topics I Learned in CISB 11




There are a couple of subjects that are meaningful to me and will help me in the future. These subjects are hardware, application software, network and internet security, and electronic surveillance and monitoring.

The hardware is a very important part of the computer as the software is. The hardware and software cannot run without other. The hardware is the hard part of the computer or the physical part of the computer and includes elements like keyboard, monitor, and the other pieces that make part of the computer. The system unit is also part of the hardware and is the place where most of the work of the computer is performed.

This topic is meaningful for me because it has always been harder for me to understand the way the hardware functions. Having a better description about it, it is clearer for me what is the difference between hardware and software and what is the system unit.

My opinion is that even if you do not major in Computer Science you still need to have at least a general knowledge about computers. Today, you use computers in all types of jobs.

Today, application software is used very often with different purposes. For example, one could use it for business purposes, entertainment, learning etc. These programs are designed to perform specific tasks. The most common application programs are word processing, spreadsheets, database, presentation graphics, multimedia software etc.

First of all, it is meaningful for me because I use these programs for school. I also use them for daily action in computer and learning purposes.

Second, I think that they will be helpful in my future job too. It is good to have a broad knowledge because you have more chances to get a job. As an actress, I will probably need to create home DVDs with my performances in different roles.

The internet changed many people’s life. Users could use it to finish tasks in a smaller amount of time. In the past the communication was expensive and hard to realize but now it is fast and low cost because of the internet. There are also disadvantages of networks and internet like computer crimes. For example the data stored on computer networks could be accessed if there is no protection and the data could be lost. Computer crimes are defined as the action of breaking through the security of the network. These computer crimes could be prevented by using appropriate security software and other sensible precautions.

It is important for me to know this information because I also use a computer and I have private data that has to be secured.

This information is helpful in future job because as an actress I am going to use computer for auditions and for sending private information.

Electronic surveillance and monitoring are electronic tools to watch individuals, monitor activities etc. They could be used legally or illegally but when used by businesses are legal. There are computer monitoring softwares that are designed for the purpose of monitoring someone’s activities on a computer or video surveillance used in public or private places etc.

I think that this information is meaningful for me because I am thinking to open up a business and I will need to use these types of monitoring and surveillance.