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This website is about the Le Tour de France which is an event hold in France. This website contains news about the tour 2010, past tours and Tour de Franceís history. The audience possible watching this website is made of fans of Le Tour de France, cyclists, French people etc. Other features like the predominant yellow color and the logo emphasize the meaning of this website.

The multimedia objects included in this website are animation in Mayorís Congress, graphics in the logo, images of the tour and the director of this event, videos about 2010 route and sound in videos.

The multimedia contributes to the effectiveness of this website. The videos about the 2010 route give more information to those wanting to participate and fans. There are also information about past events and the sacrifices those other contestants made. All the multimedia objects put together give more information about what it is Tour de France.


            CW TVís website contains information about shows and cast. The audience made of teenagers develops into other category of persons like fashion industry persons or celebrities for shows like Americaís Next Top Model, fans of the 90210 show and others. Besides general information about the shows and cast there are also opportunities like watching full videos of shows, the blog for fans, music and gallery etc.

            There are plenty of multimedia objects main videos, sound, images etc. The videos contain full episodes of the shows or information about shows. There is also the music from shows and pictures with cast.

            The multimedia gives an opportunity to fans to be closer to their idols, watch their favorite shows in case they did not have the opportunity etc.


            It contains full movies, full TV shows episodes, news about movies, interviews of the cast, behind scenes etc. The audience of this website is made of movie fans. There are other features contests, shopping online, forum, reviews of certain movies, information about box office etc.

            Main multimedia object is the video. There are plenty of videos about movies and TV shows, and with full movies and TV episodes.  

            The utility of the multimedia is major because most of the information is about movies and TV shows. There are also news about the cast but because nowadays there are plenty of videos in all the websites it would be impossible a website dedicated to movies to lack in videos.