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Chapter 5

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Toshiba Corporation is a manufacturer and marketer for diverse electronic components. Toshiba Corporation is a network of 364 subsidiaries worldwide with main headquarters in Tokyo. Toshiba America Inc. is the company that provides people from U.S with Toshiba products. The Hard Drive is not the only product that this company produces. Other products are Flash Memory, LCD Panels, Microprocessors, Notebook Computers, Storage Devices, Imaging Systems, Telecommunication Systems, Power Generation Equipment, Industrial Electronic Equipment, CT, Ultrasound, and MRI, LLC, HDTVs, Digital Home Theater Products. This corporation is considered one of the 9th largest manufacturer of electronic components because of its annual sales and number of employees worldwide. Toshiba is also interested in creating a safer environment (ECP- environmental conscious products) where the impact is reduced throughout a product cycle. Toshiba Corporation is oriented toward electronic component because of that there are subsidiaries that are based on only one major product. 


My favorite product of this company’ hard drive is the 1.8 inch Hard Disk Drive. Because of it size, this product could be use in mps 3 player, portable GPS system and ultra thin computers. Its capacity is ranging from 320 GB and was developed with a new system called PMR (perpendicular magnetic recording) which makes a massive amount to be stored in a very small product.


SanDisk Corporation was founded in 1988 and it is one of the world’s largest supplier of flash memory. This company is known for its non volatile memory technology. SanDisk develops and manufactures  flash storage for a diverse number of electronic system and digital devices.  SanDisk’s headquarter is in Milpitas, California. There are more than 1100 US patent and 600 foreign patents.

My favorite product is SanDisk Ultra® Backup USB Flash Drive because of it memory 64 GB which aloud me to store my data , music, movies and pictures. I like this product not only because I do not have to worry to store my data into the computer but also because if I will have to buy a computer with that memory it will cost much more. Even if website like IGoogle start providing the “cloud storage” I will still have files that I want to keep for myself. Because one of my majors is acting I have to watch many movies and from what I know IGoogle does not store movies.

Philips or Koninklijke Philips Electronics is a Dutch company and one of the largest electronic companies. Philips introduced electronic products like : compact cassette, compact disc(collaboration with Sony) and others. In 2006 in collaboration with Sony Philips introduced the Blue Ray Disc. Philips is found is many countries worldwide (60).

My favorite product is the Portable DVD Player PET7402D/05 from Philips. I like it because you could use it for movie, music, pictures and it has a dual screen. It reads DivX , DVD , MP3 CD DVD, DVD+/-R, DVD+/-RW, (S)VCD, CD MP3-CD, CD and CD-RW playback and Jpeg.