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Random Access Memory is known as RAM and it is a computer storage. Because it takes the form of integrated circuits, the data could be accessed in any order.  The word random also emphasize that the data can be used in a constant time.


The Random Access Memory is volatile which means it loses it contents when it is turned off. Because of that, all the contents in the RAM will be permanently stored on the hard drive or flash drive. There are several types of RAM chips and they come as a stick. Adding more sticks to RAM performance will increase.


RAM is also found in other devices suck as printers etc. There are two types of RAM

: SRAM and DRAM. DRAM is more common in use because of it affordable price in comparison with SRAM. Because it needs to be refreshed thousands of times per second, the DRAM is less fast than the SRAM.


I will buy the ATI Tech video card because of its price which is higher than the other brands and also because of its features.